Two boats a double catch marlin!!

Our club took 2 boats to the One Day Tournament. "Blue Pearl" landed a marlin in the morning and "Big Marlin" landed another one in the afternoon. Our club set a record of 6 marlins out of our latest 7 trips since July and it recorded 86% marlin landing average. We are still in the middle of high season!!

Here is an unforgettable story of the day, 13 hours of fight with a legendary marlin. Our second marlin struck the lure on outrigger just like other marlins at 13:07pm and it presented a number of horizontal jumps 100m behind the boat. Then, it ran another 600m straight and force us realizing that it was a huge marlin. It took more than 2 hours to pull the double-line out of water for first time and it was 15:30pm. The marlin seemed easily exceeding 4m in length. It was not huge, but it was a monster class. In the next few hours, no matter how many times we tried to reach the leader, it failed. The wind-on leader harmfully ate into leader man’s both arms and leaving marks by its power and weight. After 9 hours of fight (past 22:00pm), there were shark attacks in the dark and it turned out to be a shark fishing. For the total of 13 hours fight, we had to give up by cutting line with pliers at 26:20am. Did we had a grander marlin (454kg)??

☆Now is the best season for marlins and other big fish!! Call or email us for booking fishing tour and cruising in Okinawa!




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